8 Random Fascinating Facts About Fruit

Well, lookee here! It’s my first guest post!

How much do you know about fruits? They are an important food group. Read this list of fun facts to be smart at the next dinner party when you know the origins of apples. Enjoy!


1. China is the #1 producer of apples. China produces 7 times more than the second highest producer, the United States.

2. Speaking of apples: Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan means “Father of Apple” or “Full of Apples” and the area is considered the original home of apples.

3. Grapes, olives, pomegranates, and figs are believed to be the first fruits to be cultivated. This is because these fruits are the easiest to be propagated by plant cuttings.

4. Tomatoes are considered vegetables in the US. In the 1883 Tariff Act, veggies had a 10% tariff but fruits didn’t. When tomatoes were shipped to the US they didn’t have to pay the tariff. Since tomatoes are technically  fruits, the case was brought to the Supreme Court and the Court ruled that while tomatoes were botanically a fruit they were used as a vegetable. So, the importers had to pay the tariff.

5. Pears were the first fruit tree in the US. They were planted in Salem, MA.

6. Massachusetts might have been the first state to get fruits but Washington state is the largest apple producer in the US. Most of the state is in a rain shadow, meaning it gets less rain, and this leads to crisper apples.

7. Quince was a source of pectin for canning. Some farmers use the timing of flowering quince as an indicator of when to plant crops.

8. Nectarines are just peaches without fuzz. The two fruits are different by one gene.