The Most Prolific Mother Ever

Move over Michelle Duggar, ’cause Valentina Vassilyeva’s got you beat by… FIFTY kids!

Valentina Vassilyeva (1707– 1782), a Russian peasant, gave birth to 69 children.

Let me say that again…. 69 children.

From 27 pregnancies between 1725 and 1765, she gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets.

I can’t. I can’t even…

BONUS FACT: The longest known pregnancy lasted for 1 year and 10 days.



World’s Longest Dreadlocks

The world’s longest natural dreadlocks belong to Asha Mandela, a self-proclaimed “Black Rapunzel” and understandably so!

In 2009, Asha’s dreadlocks were officially measured by Guinness and found to be 19 feet, 6 inches long, with one lock measuring  55 feet, 7 inches.


Asha has been growing her locks for over 25 years and she carries them low on her back bundled in a sling tied around her waist. Fortunately for her, she married a Kenyan hairdresser who takes loving care of her hair two days a week.

Asha currently lives in Florida and has her own line of haircare products.

World's longest natural dreadlocks

Image from Asha Mandela’s Facebook Page


BONUS FACT: On average, hair grows .3 – .5 mm per day, 0.5 inches per month, and 6 inches per year.


Did Churchill Have A Prescription for Booze?

I’ve read many times before that Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill received a prescription for booze so he could skirt around America’s prohibition laws in the 1930s. As clever as that all may sound, no one is entirely sure that this is true.

While on a lecture tour, in New York, 1931, Churchill was struck by a car going about 35 miles per hour as he hurriedly tried to cross the street to meet someone for dinner. He suffered a broken nose, a gash on his head, and a few broken ribs.

Even after being hit by a car, Churchill decided to continue his tour so his doctor in New York prescribed him a minimum of five shots of alcohol to possibly help him with relaxation and pain management.

The actual prescription seen below reads:

This is to certify that the post-accident convalescence of the Hon. Winston S. Churchill necessitates the use of alcoholic spirits especially at meal times. The quantity is naturally indefinite but the minimum requirements would be 250 cubic centimeters.


Image from Churchill Archives Center, Churchill College

Churchill’s case is not unique as many doctors used to prescribe alcohol for all kinds of ailments. But, during the ban of alcohol in America in the 1920s and 30s, people took advantage of this and doctors did as well. Some doctors and pharmacists saw the prohibition as an opportunity to make a few extra bucks by performing “check ups” on patients and charging out the wazoo for their “medicine”.

Was this the case for Churchill?

So today’s question is: Do you think Churchill’s prescription was legit, or just a way to get trashed during the prohibition? Tell me what you think in a comment below!

Alcohol Prescription

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BONUS FACT: Winston Churchill’s mother invented the Manhattan cocktail in the early 1870s.


10 Facts Tuesday #2

Welcome to 10 Facts Tuesday #2! Let’s have some fun!

1. There are vending machines in Istanbul that release food and water for the city’s stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic bottles.

2. Former U.S. president Calvin Coolidge enjoyed buzzing for his bodyguards and then hiding under his desk as they frantically searched for him.

3. Most apples sold in most U.S. grocery stores are already about a year old.

4. A childhood virus left actor Rob Lowe completely deaf in his right ear.

5. Over 275,000 people have graduated from McDonald’s Hamburger University with a bachelor’s degree in Hamburgerology.

6. An adult lion consumes about 18 pounds of meat per day.

7. Speed dating was invented by a Rabbi in 1999.

8. The stickers on fresh produce are edible.

9. In Japan, sleeping on the job is acceptable as it is seen as exhaustion from working too hard.

10. In 2005 a man named Ronald McDonald robbed a Wendy’s.

Ok, that’s all for now. See you next week!

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10 Unusual Horse Facts

Saddle up and ride along with me through these 10 completely random horse facts.

1. Horses can’t vomit.

2. A group of horses will not go to sleep at the same time. At least one of them will stay awake to look out for the others.

3. A real horse head was used in the movie “Godfather”, not a prop. John Marley was not informed beforehand, so his scream was authentic.

facts about horse

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4. A horse’s brain only weighs around 22 ounces, making it just half the weight of a human brain.

5. Zebras and horses can breed with each other. Their offspring is called a  ‘zebroid’.

6. In certain countries, including France, horse meat is considered a delicacy. Although it’s illegal in several other countries, the French enjoy eating horse heart and horse brains. Tatsy.

7. Horses can run within hours after birth.

8. The “Guide Horse Foundation” provides blind people with specially trained miniature horses in place of guide-dogs.

9. Horses produce approximately 10 gallons of saliva a day.

10. If a horse has a red ribbon on its tail, stay back! It kicks!


6 Quick Facts About April Fools Day

So what’s the history of April Fool’s Day? Well, no one is 100% sure but some experts believe it came from a calendar change in 16th century France in which New Year’s Day was moved from April 1st to January 1st. Folks not aware of the change were referred to as “April Fools” and mocked.

Alright, so now that you know that let’s get on with the fun stuff!

1. On April Fools Day in 1996, Taco Bell Corp. ran a full-page ad in several major newspapers claiming they purchased the Liberty Bell and will be renaming it the “Taco Liberty Bell.”

2. On April Fools Day in 2008, the BBC ran a video clip of flying penguins as part of a story for its series “Miracles of Evolution”.

3. The French call April 1st “Poisson d’Avril,” or “April Fish.” French children sometimes tape a picture of a fish on the back of their schoolmates and wait for it to be discovered.

4. In the 1960s there was only one TV channel in Sweden, which broadcast in black and white. As an April Fools’ joke, it was announced that viewers could convert their sets to display color by pulling a nylon stocking over the screen.

5. April Fools’ may also be tied to the ancient Roman Festival of Hilaria – also know as Roman Laughing Day – when citizens would celebrate the vernal equinox and honor the Anatolian Earth Goddess with a day of jokes.

6. In Scotland, an April fool is called an April “gowk”.

Fun times!

April Fool's Day Pranks


The Most Expensive Liquid in the World is…

The most expensive liquid in the word is…

Drumroll, please…

Scorpion venom at around $39 million dollars per gallon. That’s about $2.4 million per cup.

So why is scorpion venom so darn expensive anyway?

When electrical stimulation is used to “milk” the venom glands of scorpions, an average yield of anywhere from 0.006 mg to about 2.0 mg of venom can be obtained from a single scorpion. [1]

With one scorpion only able to produce such a teeny tiny amount of venom at one time, filling

How much is scorpion venom worth?

“Scorpion” by John Douglas

up even one cup can take ages! It’s a very time consuming process that requires the use of A LOT of scorpions.

Now on to an even better question. What on earth do you do with scorpion venom? Scorpion venom is used for medical research, most recently to see if it could possibly be used as a cancer treatment and so far, things are looking pretty optimistic. Check out this article, On The Horizon: Scorpion venom as cancer treatment for more info.

So if you’re ready to get rich, grab a few friends, find some scorpions, say your prayers and milk away!



Ok, So Who Was Billy Jean?

“Billie Jean is not my lover
She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one
But the kid is not my son
She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son”

We’re all familiar with the hit single “Billie Jean” from Michael Jackson’s sixth solo album, Thriller (1982), but who was he singing about? Who the heck was this chick claiming he was the father of her child? Is the song even based on a real life experience or did Jackson just write up a catchy little ditty about a rather realistic scenario?

In an interview, Jackson stated that Billy Jean isn’t just one particular person, but rather a certain type of person:

“There is a girl named Billie Jean, but it’s not about that Billie Jean. Billie Jean is kind of anonymous. It represents a lot of girls. They used to call them groupies in the ’60s. They would hang around backstage doors, and any band that would come to town they would have a relationship with, and I think I wrote this out of experience with my brothers when I was little. There were a lot of Billie Jeans out there. Every girl claimed that their son was related to one of my brothers.”

So there you have it.

And today’s question: Is there a Billie Jean in your life? 


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The $214 Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The world’s most expensive sandwich is a grilled cheese sandwich known as “The Quintessential Grilled Cheese” served at Serendipity 3 in New York.

This luxury sandwich is made with French Pullman bread that has been infused with Dom Perignon champagne and brushed with truffle oil that contains flecks of edible gold. Between the two slices of fancy bread is Caciocavallo Podolico cheese, a rare Italian cheese made from the milk of free-ranging cows that have been fed a diet of fennel grasses and wild strawberries. After it has been grilled, the melted cheese at the edges of the sandwich are dipped in edible gold leaf and served with tomato lobster bisque.

Sounds pretty fantastic to me! I’d love to try it but darn it, I’m poor and that sandwich costs almost as much as my electricity and internet bill combined. Would you like to try it?


The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press {Amazon}


10 Facts Tuesday #1

Yo! Welcome to my first of many 10 Facts Tuesday posts. What’s 10 Facts Tuesday you ask? Ok, you probably didn’t ask because I think it’s pretty self explanatory. Let’s get on with it!

1. There are two million millionaires in the Unites States. Are you one of them? For real, are you? Share.

2. Snoop Dogg has claimed that “Willie Nelson is the only person that’s smoked me under the table.”  (Translation, “Willie Nelson is the only person who  can smoke more marijuana than I can.”)

3. The cost of college has gone up 500% since 1985.

4. Matthew Bellamy of the band Muse smashed 146 guitars during a 2001 tour, setting a Guinness World Record. Sheesh, what a waste.

5. Lipstick was a sign of social status in ancient Rome in Egypt so both men and women wore it to show they were upper class .

6. When dolphins are sexually frustrated they gang up on innocent porpoises and ram them to death .

7. Jelly Belly created a cheese pizza flavored jelly bean, but it was so gross, that they made it the vomit flavored jelly bean instead .

8. Most serial killers are born in November.

9. Samuel L. Jackson has been married to his first and only wife, LaTanya Richardson for 37 years. A true Hollywood rarity!

10. There is a book titled, “Everything Men Know About Women“. It consists of about 100 completely blank pages.

Can an American Be Knighted?

Can an American Be Knighted? Meh. Kind of.

Americans do receive honorary British knighthoods and damehoods. That’s pretty cool but they’re not addressed as ‘sir’ or ‘dame’, they don’t have to kneel and they don’t get the tap of the royal sword on either shoulder (bummer). Even though they don’t get the “royal treatment”, they do receive a beautiful insignia and a hearty handshake from the Queen of England. At least 91 Americans to date have been knighted including:

Angelina Jolie. Jolie was knighted honorary Dame Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George in 2014 for her contribution to foreign policy and working to end sexual violence.

Steven Spielberg was knighted in 2001, for his massive impact on British cinema.  was knighted in 1998 for his works in entertainment.

In 2002, Rudolph Giuliani was named an Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his leadership during and after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York.

Billy Graham was knighted  in 2001 for his international contribution to religious and civic life.

Henry Winkler was made an Honorary Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2011 for his services to children with dyslexia and special educational needs.

Bill and Melinda Gates have both been knighted. In 2004, Bill Gates was knighted for his business skills, contributions to technology, and also for his work on reducing poverty with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Melinda Gates was appointed as an honorary Dame of the British Empire in 2013 for her services to philanthropy and international development.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was inducted into the Order of the Bath and the Order of Merit in 1945 for his service as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe in WWII.


Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush were both made a Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath. I’m not quite sure why. I’m not trying to be funny. I’m just not finding why they received honorary knighthood for any reason other than being the presidents of the United States.

So tell me. Do you think you deserve to be knighted? If so, why? Tell me all about it in a comment below!



What is Casu Marzu? {Gross Alert}

Casu marzu is a cheese made of sheep’s milk that contains live maggots. The words casu marzu in English literally means “rotten/putrid cheese”.

According to Wikipedia:

“…casu marzu goes above and beyond typical fermentation to a stage of decomposition, brought about by the digestive action of the larvae of the cheese fly Piophila casei. These larvae are deliberately introduced to the cheese, promoting an advanced level of fermentation and breaking down of the cheese’s fats. The texture of the cheese becomes very soft, with some liquid (called lagrima, Sardinian for “tears”) seeping out.”

The inhabitants of this cheese have the ability to JUMP about six inches when disturbed, so it’s best to clear the maggots away before consuming. Some casu marzu eaters, however, do not do that.


BONUS FACT: Pule, or smoked donkey milk cheese, is the most expensive cheese in world at $600 per pound.