Are Flamingo Egg Yolks Pink?

Often thrown into the mix of “fun fact” posts on social media, the “fact” that Flamingos lay eggs with pink yolks is not a fact. How did a rumor like that even get started? No one is really sure. One likely theory, though,  is that it could have been inspired by a photoshopped stock image of a cracked egg revealing a pink yolk that has been circulating the internet for some years.

Flamingo egg yolks range from golden yellow to reddish yellow but not pink. That would be pretty cool though.

BONUS FACT: Adult flamingos are four to five feet tall, but only weigh between four and eight pounds. Let that soak in. Weird, no?



The Most Expensive Wedding Dress on the Planet

martin_katz_renee_strauss_12_million_dollar_wedding_dressThe most expensive wedding dress ever made is the the Diamond Wedding Gown worth $12 million dollars.  The dress was created by designer Renee Strauss and master jeweler Martin Katz. Made in 2006, this dress features 150 carats of diamonds.

BONUS FACT: Las Vegas is the top wedding destination in the US with over 100,000 weddings a year.



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The Most Weight Lost By One Person

At his heaviest, Jon Brower Minnoch weighed approximately 1,400-lbs.  Minnoch was hospitalized in March 1978 at age 36 due to cardiac and respiratory failure. During his hospitalization, it was discovered he was suffering from edema and carrying an estimated Jon_Brower_Minnoch900 – lbs in excess body fluid.

To get Minnoch to the hospital from his home, it took over a dozen firemen and rescue personnel, a specially modified stretcher, and a ferry boat to transport him to the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

He was placed on a strict 1,200 calorie diet and discharged from the hospital after 16 months having lost a whopping 924-lbs; putting him at a weight of 476-lbs.

John passed away in 1983 from his incurable edema. Upon his death he weighed 798-lbs.

BONUS FACT: The fastest weight loss on the reality show the Biggest Loser was from Moses Kinikini in season 11 who lost 41-lbs in ONE week. 


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Can You Cry in Outer Space?


Can you cry in outer space? Er, well… kind of.

Your eyes can produce tears in space but the zero gravity will not allow them to fall in dramatic streams down your face. The tears will instead form into watery blobs in and around your eyes and will remain there until you wipe them away or until they’ve built up enough mass to break away on their own. From there the tears will simply float around.

Watch the video below for an actual demonstration!


Why are Elephant Tusks So Valuable?

Elephant tusk, also known as Ivory, is durable, aesthetically pleasing and can be carved rather easily. In the past, ivory has been used to make false teeth, home decor, dominoes, cutlery handles, musical instruments, billiard balls, and piano keys.

Elephants are hunted and killed for their tusks and this has diminished their population greatly. There are laws to try to stop poachers from hunting elephants but this has made ivory rare and therefore has increased its value.


Although buying and selling ivory has been banned since 1975, elephant tusks are still used all over the world but most commonly in China. There, ivory is used to make figurines, pipes, daggers, chopsticks, jewelry, ornaments, souvenirs and hair accessories.

BONUS FACT: It is popular belief that the first US president, George Washington’s false teeth were made out of wood, when in fact they were made from metal, ivory, human teeth, and animal teeth. You can see Washington’s false teeth with your own peepers at Mount Vernon, Washington’s preserved estate in Virginia.



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Goldschläger is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps (43.5% alcohol by volume or 87 proof) with very thin flakes of gold in it. The gold flakes in Goldschläger liquor are actual flakes of edible gold leaf. Gold leaf is created by flattening or “beating” real gold bars into incredibly thin sheets.


BONUS FACT: Urban legend has it that the gold flakes in Goldschläger are intended to increase alcohol absorption by creating tiny cuts in the throat and stomach of the consumer,  thus speeding up the process of getting tanked. This is not true as the flakes are soft and not sharp at all.


Is There Real Gold in Goldschläger?

What Does the Nike Symbol Mean?

Nike’s logo, the Swoosh, appears to be a rather nikeo.jpgelegant checkmark (or tick) but it is actually intended to be a symbol that conveys motion. Carolyn Davidson, a  graphic design student at Portland State University created the logo in 1971. She was hired by Nike’s co-founder Phil Knight to design a logo that “had something to do with movement”.

I’ve seen mentioned many times in numerous articles that the Swoosh logo also symbolizes the wing of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory and the company’s namesake. This seems to be a very popular belief, but I have yet to find proof that designer Carolyn Davidson actually had this inspiration in mind while designing the logo.

So tell me, do you wear Nike shoes or clothing? I don’t think I’ve worn Nike in my entire life as my parents were both Reebok fans.

BONUS FACT: Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike annually than all of the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined. That is incredibly sad and I kind of wish I hadn’t discovered this fact. 


What is Imitation Crab?


Invented in Japan in 1973 by Sugiyo Co., Ltd., imitation crab (or kanikama), is made from finely pulverized white fish, most often the Alaska pollock. The pulverized fish is mixed with fillers such as wheat, and egg white or other binding ingredient, such as the enzyme transglutaminase. Artificial crab flavoring is added and a layer of red food coloring is applied to the outside to give it that “fresh from the crab” appearance.

I’m a big fan of “krab”. In fact my mother used to buy it for me as a special treat when I was a wee lass. Other kids wanted candy and soda and all I wanted was some sweet, sweet, succulent seafood sticks.

So tell, me. Do you like imitation crab? If so, how do you like to eat it? I’m a pretty big sushi fan so hit me with summothat any day.


Why Don’t Muslims Eat Pork?

Simply put: In the Quran (the Muslim bible) it is stated:

“Forbidden to you are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which hath been invoked the name of other than Allah.”

[Al-Qur’an 5:3]

Translation: Don’t eat roadkill (er, anything you come accross that’s already dead), blood, pork, or any animal that wasn’t slaughtered in the name of Allah.

I cannot say one hundred percent why pork is on the “no no” list in  Islam as well as Judaism (and some Christian denominations ) but it is believed that because pigs are omnivores who will eat anything including their own poop, they are subject to housing a number of diseases, parasites, and viruses.


Do you get down with the swine? Tell me all about it in a comment below!


Jean, Nevada has a population of… zero.  Despite having an active courthouse, a correctional facility and even a casino, no one actually lives there.

BONUS FACT: Although Nevada is nicknamed the ‘Silver State’, it is the largest goldproducing state in the U.S. and fourth largest in the world.


America’s Least Populated City

First introduced in 1937, SPAM is a pre-cooked, canned meat product made by the Hormel Foods Corporation. Best known for being a “mystery meat” the ingredients to this product are no mystery. In fact, they’re printed righted on the label: pork shoulder meat, with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, sugar, and sodium nitrite as a preservative.

SPAM was named by Ken Daigneau after his product name suggestion won in a product-naming contest hosted by Hormel in 1937. It’s not sure if anyone today knows what the word “Spam” actually means, but it is believed to be short for “spiced ham”, “spare meat”, or “shoulders of pork and ham”. It is also popular belief that SPAM is an acronym standing for “Specially Processed American Meat”.

BONUS FACT: The Waikiki Spam Jam Festival is a street festival that celebrates the people of Hawaii’s love for SPAM. It’s held every year, with the next one scheduled for April 29, 2017.

Before reading this post, what did you think was in SPAM? Let me know in a comment below!


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