10 Celebrities Who Have Accidently Killed People

On my recent hunt for my latest “celebrities” category, I kept coming across articles about celebs who have killed people. The most shocking ones of course are the ones who murdered out of cold blood and got away with it **cough cough** O.J….  

But what about the famous folks who just had a stroke of bad luck or made a stupid poor decision that resulted in someone’s demise? Below are 10 celebrities who did just that. 


1. Caitlyn Jenner –  Olympic champion Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner was involved in a fatal car accident in February 2015. Jenner rear-ended a car at a red light and knocked it into oncoming traffic, where it was then struck by a Hummer. The 69-year-old woman driver of the car was killed, and seven others sustained injuries.

2. Matthew Broderick – In 1987, while on vacation in Ireland, Broderick mistakenly drove the wrong way on a street and crashed into an oncoming vehicle. The driver and passenger (a mother and daughter) in the other car both died from their injuries.

3. Laura Bush – When Laura Bush was in high school, she ran a stop sign while she was driving and hit another car, killing its driver who was a fellow schoolmate.

4. Ted Kennedy – In 1969, Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge on an island near Martha’s Vineyard. The car plummeted into the water and Kennedy swam to safety leaving behind his passenger Mary Jo Kopechne. Kopechne drowned and Kennedy fled the scene and waited nine hours to report the incident…. Hmmm… not sure how much of an “accident” that was.

5. Don King – Boxing promoter Don King killed a man in self-defense when the man was trying to break into his gambling operation.  (Bonus: King was convicted of second-degree murder for a separate incident, in which he stomped to death an employee who owed him $600.)

6. Howard Hughes – In 1936, billionaire entrepreneur Howard Hughes hit a pedestrian with his car. The man died, but Hughes was not charged with any crimes.

7. Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle – Fatty Arbuckle was charged with manslaughter when a woman named Virginia Rappe died after the actor raped her. Police concluded that alcohol irritated her chronic cystitis and the weight of the actor’s body caused distress to her organs and she died from a ruptured bladder.

8.  Tony Stewart – During a dirt-track race in New York, famous NASCAR champion, Tony Stewart, accidentally struck and killed fellow racer Kevin Ward Jr., who had gotten out of his car and walked onto the tracks to confront Stewart.

9.  Dwayne Goodrich – In 2003, former Dallas Cowboys cornerback, Dwayne Goodrich was driving on a Dallas freeway when he struck and killed two motorists on the side of the road who were attempting to rescue a man from a burning vehicle. That story is the stuff of sadness!

10. Keith Moon – In 1970, The Who drummer, Keith Moon accidentally killed his bodyguard and friend Neil Boland. Drunken Moon was trying to get away from pub patrons who were attacking his car and failed to see his friend in the road as he drove away.